So far the theory. How does that look in reality?

Almost 60 % of all companies, which have been surveyed rate the common orientation between marketing and sales as poor. How bad this relationship really is and what fatal consequences this has, can be clearly seen:

  • 68 % of all study participants did not identify their sales and marketing funnel
  • 61 % send all leads directly to their sales, but only 27 % of those leads are qualified
  • 79 % of all participants have no lead scoring and 65 % neglect to care for their leads

1) Sirius Decisions
2) Marketing Sherpa

The result of suboptimal marketing and sales collaboration can be measured in numbers:
This is why B2B companies spend around 10 % of their profits on Lappen3 every year.
This doesn't have to be!

3) Bizsphere, 2016

Marketing Automation - fit for digitalization!

The benefits are clear and highlighted by research from the world's largest technology and market research organizations: With the right tools and technologies, marketing automation helps you save costs, increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, increase your conversions, and ultimately your sales.

10 % revenue growth in the first six to nine months is recorded by companies that automate lead management.

50 % more leads at 33 % lower costs are generated by companies using Marketing Automation.

The effectiveness of the seller's rise by 14 % through marketing automation. The general costs decrease by 12.5 %.
(Nucleus Research)

53 % higher conversion rates and 3.1 % higher sales growth are achieved with Marketing Automation.
(Aberdeen Group)

75 % of companies that use marketing automation achieve ROI within the first 12 months, 44 % within the first six months.
(Focus Research)

Welcome to digitization

Make the most of the potential of your employees and bundle your already scarce resources maximally profitably. McKinsey concludes that we are wasting almost 60 % of our administrative time!

With marketing automation, we reduce the burden of our administrative work, promote efficient collaboration between our employees or entire departments, and work together (sales, marketing and Contact center) to create a 360-degree view of our customers:

We use the resources thus gained to optimize existing processes, products and services, to exploit cross-selling potential or to recognize and implement completely new business ideas. 

Target customers more closely and bind them more closely

In the spirit of the Age of the Customers4, we can focus on the customer with all his demands and requirements and offer him an individual, personalized service on the pulse of the times despite scarce resources.

4) Forrester

What do I have to consider in advance?

Marketing automation is more than just a software solution. Successful deployment depends on whether it is practiced centrally in the company and integrated into the existing system landscape. Only then can it bring maximum benefits.

Communication and Marketing are confronted with bigger tasks in time of the digitalisation. Most of the Marketing (-communication) section is fighting with the problem of having a short number of workforce and not having enough time available, which is dependent on its success. On the other hand, it is now proven that the most purchased decisions are made online and are no longer influenced by traditional sales activities. Marketing, therefore, has an even greater influence on the entire purchase decision process. Logically, therefore, that the smooth cooperation between marketing and sales is essential in order to be successful in the market today and above all to stay in the future.

Be successful - stay successful!

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